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Home Sweet Home

M3 has officially moved into a pretty sweet new location. We’re now located in the iStudios Maitland and we are loving it. The iStudio Salon Maitland is where their contemporary salon suite concept all began. I can say first hand that concept is still going very strong. There’s such a variety of business owners in…
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It’s Not a Trial – The Origin of the Beauty Preview

  In 2006, when my business partner and I started M3 Makeup (now also known as M3 Beauty), we were struggling with the try-out part of the hiring process with our brides. I just hated the term used by the rest of the industry: “Trial”. It was a hair trial or a makeup trial and…
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Wedding Tips: How to Hire the Best Wedding Makeup Artist

There’s a lot of misinformation in magazines and on the internet on the subject of bridal beauty. As an industry expert that has managed dozens of superstar-level makeup and hair professionals for over a decade it amazes me every time I talk to a bride-to-be to find out she’s been getting all kinds of bad…
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M3 Beauty Inducted into The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame

Thank you brides! Your reviews of our wedding beauty services and team members have led to us winning the prestigious “Best of Weddings” award with the Knot. And after winning that award four years in a row, we’ve been inducted into The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame! In addition, we’ve also been honored…
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Charmed Life, Meet Cancer (Pt II)

Subtitle: If you read this post, it can save lives. It’s been more than a month, and saying “I have cancer” still sounds weird to me. Although, when I want my mom or Scott to get me stuff I’m not against jokingly playing the cancer card. “Honey, can you get my blanket? … But I…
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Charmed Life, Meet Cancer (Pt I)

I feel like I’ve led a charmed life.  I’ve kind of stumbled my way through all the normal trials we all go through in our early years, but somehow I ended up at age 30 surrounded by great friends,  family, and a loving husband. I also founded an Orlando makeup artist and stylist agency in 2010 that…
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