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Don’t Combine Makeup And Hair Stylists For Your Wedding

Should You Hire One Person To Be Your Makeup and Hair Stylist? In the corporate and commercial world, for simple camera work you can get away with hiring one person for hair and makeup. But for today’s weddings, with their picture-perfect high-definition demands, you should never settle when it comes to your makeup and hair…
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Bride and groom take a selfie while kissing

10 Expert Tips for Camera Ready Makeup

Lights, Camera, Makeup! Here are our top 10 tips for camera ready makeup to leave you feeling like a star!   Whether you’re prepping for your wedding or a long day under studio lights, everyone wants a makeup look that will look just as great in photos as it does to the naked eye. But…
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makeup artist applying lipstick to bride

Natural Wedding Makeup: 6 Tips For Your Big Day

Most brides don’t want a full transformation. Here are some tips for natural wedding makeup that makes you feel like yourself, only better.   While some brides want to look Hollywood glamorous for their big day, some prefer a more natural wedding makeup look. It all depends on the bride’s likes and dislikes. There are…
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How to Hire the BEST Wedding Beauty Professionals

Planning your wedding is an exciting time! Everything has to be perfect. Which is why you WANT to find your venue and hire your wedding professionals far in advance to ensure you get your dream team of vendors. We all know how overwhelming it can be to plan your wedding and that’s even if you’ve…
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Book Your Virtual Makeup Tutorial Today!

We’re all spending more time in Virtual Zoom Meetings these days. We should be concentrating on the meeting, but it is so hard to not get distracted by looking and judging yourself. Why not pop into a quick virtual makeup tutorial to maximize your awesome makeup skills? I’m guilty too! Now, more than ever, we…
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large vanity with a woman taking a picture. Above the vanity it says M3 Makeup

Home Sweet Home

M3 has officially moved into a pretty sweet new location. We’re now located in the iStudios Maitland and we are loving it. The iStudio Salon Maitland is where their contemporary salon suite concept all began. I can say first hand that concept is still going very strong. There’s such a variety of business owners in…
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