Lights, Camera… Makeup!

A model, an actor, a CEO, or a bride on her special day – these are all people that need to look great on camera. For them, a professional makeup artist could be the pivotal support person.

Any pictures that are taken will probably be around for years to come. So will any imperfections that are captured.

To put it simply: Why would you pay for professional photography or video without a professional makeup artist aboard?

Shiny faces, stray hairs, blemishes, blotchiness, dark eye circles, lint… Any of these can ruin exceptional video and print work. Minor blemishes and wrinkles can be smoothed out in post-production. Anything else, however, can create significant additional cost. It may even degrade the video or photo quality and sharpness of the final product.

Sometimes, it is simply smarter and cheaper to have an on-site makeup artist.

Life Is In HD These Days

Production lighting highlights everything! It changes the tone of skin, it brings out shadows that normal light wouldn’t, and it certainly brings out imperfections.

Oily skin, a tiny spot of acne, or even slight smile lines that can be ignored in “real life” can look disastrous, particularly if it’s an HD camera that’s doing the looking.

This applies to both men and women, of all races and skin types. And getting camera-ready may mean more than just a flawless face. Sometimes, the exposed skin on the arms or décolletage needs coverage and highlighting.

Getting perfect coverage without looking heavy-handed? That’s a balancing act that a professional on-location makeup artist has the degree to handle.

Colors Translate Differently On Camera

You know that beautiful red lipstick that looks great with that sexy mini? It may look purple on camera. That’s because many red lipsticks have latent blue undertones. That looks great on a night on the town. On film, it could clash with skin, what you’re wearing, and what furniture is in the shot.

Camera-ready and camera-friendly colors are something in the on-location makeup artist’s toolkit! Don’t settle for less than perfect on your shoot.

Live Events Are No Exception
This isn’t just about actors or models or brides. Take a CEO of a large corporation, for example. In a shareholder video presentation, a training video, or corporate headshots, one of the biggest distractions is shine. It takes focus off the message.

A touch of sweat or shine can get enhanced on camera or under stage lights. The stakes are simply too high.
On-Site Hair And Makeup Can Adjust To Production Situations On The Fly
An on-location makeup artist should be there to make adjustments because:

Makeup needs to be checked under the production lights.
Touch-ups and corrections need to be on the ball and quick.
Filming locations often change from outdoors to indoors, from sunlight to incandescent lighting, or into fluorescents

…and because you want to save time and money.