Knowledgeable and talented

Michele Hundley Mann is hands down the best make-up artist you’ll find in the region. I’m not just saying that because she’s my wife. I’m saying that because I’ve seen and heard all her clients’ praises first-hand. She’s extremely well-versed in color theory, current trends, and the latest products. Don’t forget she was professionally trained and carries a diploma from one of the top makeup artist schools in the country.

There’s no doubt she’s one of the best beauty makeup artists in the country after seeing her work at high-end weddings. She also gets rave reviews as a personal makeup consultant for local businesswomen and colleges. On the corporate side, she’s a consummate pro. She’s always on-time, she presents exceptionally well, and she knows how to take care of her clients from beginning to end. She’s done makeup on a number of celebrities and athletes ranging from pro baseball and golf athletes to multi-billionaire business moguls. Don’t let her sweet Virginian demeanor fool you, she’s an exceptional talent and fantastic businesswoman