I am the Association Manager of Evidence Photographers International Council (EPIC). In January 2008, we held the first ever EPIC School @ Imaging USA. This event brought in over 8,400 attendees and it was very important that EPIC made a great impression. One evening event required a crime scene, complete with a victim. As attendees to the conference are often in real crime scenes with real victims it was imperative that this aspect was as realistic as possible. Therefore I began my search for a talented special effects make-up artist. I looked on the internet and interviewed several make-up artists on the phone. M3 immediately stood out. Not only were images of their work fantastic they were extremely professional over the phone.

The artist arrived on-site on time, ready to go, and went right to work. I have been in event planning for several years, often working with vendors, I could truly appreciate that they required little time from me so I could concentrate on other aspects on the event. They finished on time and even stayed until the event began to ensure no touch ups were needed.

Attendees and co-workers are still talking about M3’s work. They made the event great, and something all attendees will remember. I would highly recommend M3 to anyone who is looking for a special effects make-up artist, in fact I have already forwarded their name to several of my contacts.